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about the artist

 I'm so glad you're here!
My name is Debra, and I'm a self-taught watercolor artist.  While I enjoy a variety of subjects, most of my themes are botanical in nature.  In my artwork, I strive to capture the beauty we see and take for granted every day.  My hope is that the viewer will appreciate these objects with a new and fresh perspective; happy works of art that will bring a smile to your face, and color and joy into your home.

joshua by oak

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My studio in Phoenix, Arizona, "Joshua by Oak", is a reference to the Joshua tree and the Oak tree.  I grew up in Minnesota and moved to Arizona after graduating college from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.  I became a registered architect, and for several years after that worked in my chosen field of study.
I have always appreciated art, design, and handcrafted goodness.  That desire to continue my passion for creating led me to revisit my love of art.
Most days you'll find me in my studio.....
     Creating original watercolor paintings
     Exploring the beauty and uniqueness of desert botanicals
     Working on surface pattern design and stationery (for             those of us who "prefer handwritten sentiments"), and
     Working on custom illustrations for print and online
Thank you for taking the time to look around my website and explore my latest work!
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